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Fighting for our Future! What does this mean? I want to fight for our children, and our children's children. We have to not only look at what is happening now and contemplate what to do, we have to fight for what is right. We have to look past the aisles and come together. We are not one entity, and you cannot accomplish very much as one entity, but together we can conquer. 

Many ask why are you running? What are your issues? What are you going to do?

I want to be your voice, the voice of the 68th Assembly District. The top three issues I see impacting us now, and in the future is: 

1. Our children feeling safe at school. 

2. Education

3. Drugs (#1-Meth, and #2...the opioid epidemic, heroin, fentanyl, carfentanil, etc.)




Today's children are our future. We are obligated to guide them, teach them, and protect them while they are absorbing all they can in school. They should not have to worry about someone coming into what should be a safe environment, and causing them harm, up to and including death. Those last few words should make you shudder and I pray I never have to deal with this in my lifetime in this district. As I write this tonight we had our first media covered school threat. I pray for the student who made the threat, and I pray for the family involved. However this behavior and talk is not accepted or tolerated today. This student know faces consequences, from the school district, from law enforcement, and from the parents. I applaud our students who came forward and fought for their school. We will not take these threats lightly, regardless if the student is "joking" or not.  



I believe in school choice. Parents want the opportunity to decide where their children go to school. A zip code should have no relevance on a child's education. If parents want to drive 45-minutes to bring their child to school, it should be their choice, especially if it will meet their child's needs. They should not have to buy an apartment just to have an address in their preferred school district.
I look forward to meeting with area school district superintendents, principals, and staff to discuss financial needs and funding ideas. We need to invest in our children's futures, and I will be the first one to support referendums to bring a safer, stronger, secure learning environment for my children and grandchildren. 



Methamphetamine is a life changer. All it takes in the one hit and you are addicted. I have not met one person who says, "I just tried it once." It doesn't work like that. We have to get people in place to build programs like Narcotics Anonymous-NA, to help those who want to escape the people who continue to use in their life. If they "hang" with these people after becoming sober they will relapse. I have a friend who shared this exact statement with me. He said he doesn't want this life, but he doesn't know anything else. He is always chasing the fix, because he doesn't have the tools (people) in place to support him. We need to get these supports in place. I want to help build strong support foundations that are rock solid. We have to educate, prevent, and teach those who want help a different way to live.

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